A. Bergmayr, J. Troya, P. Neubauer, M. Wimmer, G. Kappel: UML-based Cloud Application Modeling with Libraries, Profiles and Templates, 2nd International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (CloudMDE), Valencia, Spain; 30.09.2014, in 2nd International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (CloudMDE), CEUR, (2014), pages 1 - 10. pdf

Recently, several cloud modeling approaches have emerged. They address the diversity of cloud environments by introducing a considerable set ofmodeling concepts in terms of novel domain-specific languages. At the sametime, general-purpose languages, such as UML, provide modeling concepts torepresent software, platform and infrastructure artifacts from different viewpoints where the deployment view is of particular relevance for specifying the distribution of application components on the targeted cloud environments. However, thegeneric nature of UML’s deployment language calls for a cloud-specific extension to capture the plethora of cloud provider offerings at the modeling level. In this paper, we propose theCloud Application Modeling Language (CAML) to facilitate expressing cloud-based deployments directly in UML, which is especiallybeneficial for migration scenarios where reverse-engineered UML models are tailored towards a selected cloud environment. We discuss CAML’srealization as aUML internal language that is based on a model library for expressing deployment topologies and a set of profiles for wiring them with cloud provider offerings. Finally, we report on the use of UML templates to contribute applicationdeployments as reusable blueprints and identify conceptual mappings between CAMLand the recently standardized TOSCA.