M. Brandsteidl, M. Seidl, M. Wimmer, C. Huemer, G. Kappel: Teaching Models @ BIG - How to Give 1000 Students an Understanding of the UML, Models 2008 (Int. Conference) - Educators Symposium, Toulouse, Frankreich, 29.09.2008; in: Promoting Software Modeling Through Active Education, Educators Symposium Models'08, M. Śmiałek (Hrg.), Warsaw University of Technology, (2008), ISBN: 83-916444-8-0, pages 64 - 68. pdf

In this paper, we report our experiences on teaching the Unifi ed Modeling Language in the large. More precisely, about 1000 computer science and business informatics students attend our course Object-Oriented Modeling each year. Requiring a profound understanding of the UML, many advanced courses like Software Engineering or Model Engineering build on the knowledge imparted by our course.
In order to achieve our ambitious teaching targets, we establish personal mentoring despite the mass enhanced with e-learning facilities.