R. Plösch, G. Pomberger, F. Stallinger: Software Engineering Strategies: Aligning Software Process Improvement with Strategic Goals, Proceedings of 11th International Conference SPICE 2011, Dublin, Ireland, May/June 2011. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 1, Volume 155, Improvement and Capability Determination, Part 6, pp 221-226, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2011, doi:10.1007/978-3-642-21233-8_26

Aligning software process improvement with the business and strategic goals of an enterprise is a key success factor for process improvement. Software process improvement methods typically only provide little or generic guidance for goal centered process improvements. We provide a framework for developing software engineering strategies that are aligned with corporate strategies and goals. Strategic objects as an important part of our framework can be directly aligned with SPICE or CMMI processes. This allows that any process improvement action can be systematically aligned with strategic goals.