Architecture Design, Analysis, Evaluation, Knowledge Management, Extraction, Variability Management.

This research area focuses on activities related to software architecture during software development and as part of quality control. Currently, we focus on the following topics:

  • Software architecture meta-models.
    • Definition of high-level architecture meta-models that can be used for describing software architectures beyond the class/dependency level
    • Support for component-based and service-oriented architectures
    • Integration of architectural information into implementation
  • Extraction of software architecture from a system implementation.
    • Automatic extraction from implementation and configuration artefacts.
    • Support for different component and service models
    • Different levels of extraction supporting different levels of abstraction
  • Visualization of software architectures
    • Visualization of software architecture through different (customizable) views.
    • Mainly module view and component and connector view
    • Domain-specific views, system views, and system of system views
  • Support for software architecture analysis and evaluation
    • Support for consistency and completeness analysis
    • Support for continuous architecture analysis
    • Automatic reference architecture conformance analysis
  • Software architecture knowledge management
    • Meta-models for capturing requirements, decisions, and design rationale.
    • Support for capturing and impact analysis
    • Building an architecture knowledge base
    • Support for group decision-making
  • Variability management in software architecture
    • Feature- and variability models for software architecture
    • Integration of feature models with structural models and impact analysis
    • Extraction of variability from an implementation
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