S. Van Mierlo, E. Syriani, D. Bloudin, M. Amrani, J. Deantoni, M. Wimmer: Preface to the 1st Multi-Paradigm Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems (MPM4CPS 2019), ACM/IEEE 22nd International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems Companion (MODELS-C), Munich, Germany, September 15-20, 2019, pages 417-418. Doi: 10.1109/MODELS-C.2019.00066

Tackling the complexity involved in developing truly complex, designed systems is a topic of intense research and development. System complexity has drastically increased once software components were introduced in the form of embedded systems, controlling physical parts of the system, and has only grown in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), where the networking aspect of the systems and their environment are of specific interest. The complexity faced when engineering CPS is mostly due to the plethora of cross-disciplinary design alternatives and inter-domain interactions.

To date, no unifying theory nor system design methods, techniques, or tools to design, analyze, and ultimately deploy CPS exist. Individual (physical systems, software, network) engineering disciplines offer only partial solutions and are no match for the complexity observed in CPS.