B. Meyers, M. Wimmer, H. Vangheluwe, J. Denil: Towards Domain-Specific Property Languages: The ProMoBox Approach, 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling @ SPLASH'13, Indianapolis, IN, USA, October 27, 2013, in Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling @ SPLASH'13, (2013), pages 1 - 6. pdf

Domain-specific modeling (DSM) is one major building block of model-driven engineering. By moving from the solution space to the problem space, systems are designed by domain experts. The benefits of DSM are not unique to the design of systems, the specification and verification of desired properties of the designed systems by the help of DSM seems the next logical step. However, this latter aspect is often neglected by DSM approaches or only supported by translating design models to formal representations on which temporal properties are defined and evaluated. Obviously,this transition to the solution space is in contradiction with DSM.