R. Plösch, H. Gruber, A. Hentschel, G. Pomberger, S. Schiffer: On the Relation between External Software Quality and Static Code Analysis, Proceedings of the 32nd Annual IEEE Software Engineering Workshop (SEW-32), Porto Sani Resort, Kassandra, Greece, October 15-16, IEEE Computer Society Press, pp 169-174, 2008, doi:10.1109/SEW.2008.17

Only a few studies exist that try to investigate whether there is a significant correlation between external software quality and the data provided by static code analysis tools. A clarification on this issue could pave the way for more precise prediction models on the probability of defects based on the violation of programming rules. We therefore initiated a study where the defect data of selected versions of the open source development environment “Eclipse SDK” is correlated with the data provided by the static code analysis tools PMD and FindBugs applied the source code of Eclipse. The results from this study are promising as especially some PMD rulesets show a good correlation with the defect data and could therefore serve as basis for measurement, control and prediction of software quality.