P. Novak, P. Kadera, M. Wimmer: Model-Based Engineering and Virtual Commissioning of Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems - Transportation System Case Study, ETFA 2017, Limassol, Cyprus; 12.-15.09.2017; in Proceedings of ETFA 2017, IEEE, (2017), ISBN: 978-1-5090-6505-9, pages 1 - 4. doi: 10.1109/ETFA.2017.8247743

Emerging manufacturing systems are becoming complex while their engineering and ramp-up phases have to be as short as possible in order to decrease the reaction time to new market demands as well as to minimize production line down-times causing financial losses. Since engineering knowledge is not shared satisfactorily, virtual commissioning of industrial plants is very complicated. This paper contributes to a better synthesis and analysis of manufacturing lines by integrating the simulation of manufacturing systems with the tool Siemens Plant Simulation and their engineering with Schmid P’X5 Configurator for Montratec. The proposed approach is based on the model-based techniques and it is demonstrated on a laboratory-scaled use-case showing its efficiency.