L. Burgueño, E. Syriani, M. Wimmer, J. Gray, A. Vallecillo: LinTraP: Primitive Operators for the Execution of Model Transformations with LinTraP, 2nd International Workshop on Big MDE @ STAF'2014, York, UK; 24.07.2014; in Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Big MDE @ STAF'2014, CEUR, Vol-1206 (2014), pages 23 - 30. pdf

The problems addressed by Model-Driven Engineering (MDE)approaches are increasingly complex, hence performance andscalability of model transformations are gaining importance. In previous work, we introduced LinTra, which is a platformfor executing out-place model transformations in parallel. The parallel execution of LinTra is based on the Linda coordination language, where high-level model transformationlanguages (MTLs) are compiled to LinTra and eventuallyexecuted through Linda. In order to define the compilation modularly, this paper presents a minimal, yet sufficient, collection of primitive operators that can be composted to (re-)construct any out-place, unidirectional MTL.