W. Narzt: High-Level Energy Saving Strategies for Mobile Location-Based Services on Android Devices, 9th International IARIA Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, ICWMC, Nice, France, July 21 - 26, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-61208-284-4, pp. 238-243, Thinkmind Digital Library: icwmc_2013_12_20_20060

The use of mobile location-based services (LBS) on modern smartphones, especially continuous utilization of GPS, significantly reduces the operating times of batteries. Depending on the type of the mobile device the accumulators are drained completely in a few hours, which diminishes the attractiveness of mobile LBS. However, considering the fact that the exhausting exploitation of power for determining the current location is unnecessary for various situations (e.g., when the device is not being moved), several high-level energy saving strategies can be developed in order to extend the batteries’ operating times. This paper sketches the architecture for high-level energy saving strategies for LBS on Android devices encapsulated in a social-web application (“Spotnick”) and illustrates their positive results.