G. Breitfuss, W. Narzt: Designing of Digital Business Models for Barrier-Free Travel Assistance Services, 28th International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS 2016), Graz, Austria, Oct. 17-19, 2016.

Using public means of transport implies making travel arrangements. Passengers have to study route schedules and are required to obtain tickets. For these tasks (mobile) assistance services already enable travelers to comfortably compile their journeys online. The Be-In/Be-Out (BIBO) principle implements this consideration and enables hands-free interaction for all travelers automatically by obtaining the right to use public transport while boarding. The infrastructure in the vehicles detects the presence of passengers and initiates invoicing in the background. Besides the development of a prototypical BIBO system we designed a (digital) business model in order to commercialize the offered products and services. This paper presents the results of a structured business model design and validation process.

Keywords: Be-In/Be-Out (BIBO), digital business model, business model innovation