M. Famelis, G. Kappel, L. Lambers, S. Mosser, R. F. Paige, A. Pierantonio, A. Rensink, R. Salay, G. Taentzer, A. Vallecillo, M. Wimmer: Contents for a Model-Based Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, in Software & Systems Modeling (SoSyM), pp 1-13, July 2019, DOI: 10.1007/s10270-019-00746-9

Although Model-Based Software Engineering (MBE) is a widely accepted Software Engineering (SE) discipline, no agreed-upon core set of concepts and practices (i.e., a Body of Knowledge) has been defined for it yet. With the goals of characterizing the contents of the MBE discipline, promoting a global consistent view of it, clarifying its scope with regard to other SE disciplines, and defining a foundation for the development of educational curricula on MBE, this paper proposes the contents for a Body of Knowledge for MBE. We also describe the methodology that we have used to come up with the proposed list of contents, as well as the results of a survey study that we conducted to sound out the opinion of the community on the importance of the proposed topics and their level of coverage in the existing SE curricula.