H. Prähofer, J. Sametinger, A. Stritzinger: Concepts and Architecture of a Simulation Framework based on the JavaBeans Component Model, (FCGS) Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier Publishers, 2000.
DOI: 10.1016/S0167-739X(00)00038-8

We report on a combination of system theoretic simulation modeling methodology with the JavaBeans component model as a basis for a component-based simulation framework. While system theory formalisms can serve as formal, mathematical foundations for modular, hierarchical modeling and simulation, the JavaBeans component model provides the appropriate implementation base. The result of the synergism is a powerful component-based simulation framework. In this paper we present the basic concepts and overall architecture of our JavaBeans modeling and simulation framework. We review the underlying system modeling formalisms for simulation modeling, sketch the layered architecture of the framework, and show elementary simulation programming and interface-based, hierarchical coupling of simulation components in more detail. Finally, we show the current state of implementation and demonstrate how simulation model can be developed using standard bean builder tools.

Keywords: simulation, simulation components, state space models, Java, component programming