R. Plösch, A. Mayr, G. Pomberger, M. Saft: An Approach for a Method and a Tool Supporting the Evaluation of the Quality of Static Code Analysis Tools, Proceedings of SQMB 2009 Workshop, held in conjunction with SE 2009 conference, March 3rd 2009, Kaiserslautern, Germany, published as Technical Report TUM-I0917 of the Technical University of Munich, July 2009.

There is a lack of information concerning the quality of static code analysis tools. In order to overcome this we therefore developed a method and a tool supporting quality engineers to determine the quality of static code analysis tools. This paper shows how the method works and where the tool supports it. We already applied the combination of the method and its tool to two static code analysis tools in different versions. On this basis, we further illustrate some results of the usage of the method.