R. Plösch, H. Gruber, C. Körner, G. Pomberger, S. Schiffer: A Proposal for a Quality Model Based on a Technical Topic Classification, Proceedings of SQMB 2009 Workshop, held in conjunction with SE 2009 conference, March 3rd 2009, Kaiserslautern, Germany, published as Technical Report TUM-I0917 of the Technical University of Munich, July 2009.

Existing quality models like the ISO 9126 model lack preciseness in order to be able to assign metrics provided by static code analysis tools. Furthermore architects need a technical view on problems identified by static code analysis tools – independent of the classification a specific tool might provide. We therefore developed a Technical Topic Classification (TTC) that tries to overcome the problems mentioned above and assigned approximately 2,000 metrics from various static code analysis tools for Java, C#, and C++ to our TTC. The underlying metamodel for the TTC is semantically richer than the metamodel of typical quality models.