H. Praehofer, A. Schöppl: A Continuous and Combined Simulation Platform in Java and its Application in Building Paper Mill Training Simulators, Proceedings of WebSim 2000, San Diego, USA, January 2000.

In the SimBeans project we are developing a component-based simulation framework based on the Java language and the JavaBeans component model. We thereby envision a component-based simulation methodology that provides component libraries for various purposes, at different levels, for a range of users, and for different applications. The main objective is reusability so that simulation systems can be built with less effort mainly by selecting, extending, customizing and assembling components from libraries. In previous publications we presented the architecture of the framework and discussed discrete event simulation programming. In this article we address modeling and simulation concepts for continuous and combined discrete/continuous simulation. We show how continuous, combined and variable structure models are realized in Java and discuss the application of the framework in building paper mill training simulators.