A. Wurl, A. Falkner, A. Haselböck, A. Mazak: A Conceptual Design of a Digital Companion for Failure Analysis in Rail Automation, 21st IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI 2019), Moscow, Russia, July 15-17, 2019.

In Rail Automation, a crucial task in the maintenance phase comprises the process of failure analysis. Domain experts are often faced with various challenges in analyzing large data volumes which reveal highly complex data structures. However, finding causes for potential failures and deciding how to optimize or repair the system may be extensively time consuming. To this end, we propose the concept of a digital companion which serves as continuous assistant recommending optimizations. A sequence of different data analytics methods within the digital companion enables the domain expert to reasonably manage and control the process of failure analysis. In illustrative examples, we give insights in the workflow of a digital companion and discuss the application in the domain of Rail Automation.