P. Langer, M. Wimmer: A Benchmark for Conflict Detection Components of Model Versioning Systems, International Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models (CVSM 2013), Aachen; 27.02.2013; in: "Proceedings of the International Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models (CVSM'13) @ SE'13", (2013), page 6 pdf

In the past years, the model-based developmentparadigm enjoyed an ever increasing adoption inacademia and industry projects.This increasing adoption lead to several diverse approaches of so-called model versioning systems that support collaborative model-based development: multiple developers apply concurrent changes to potentially overlapping parts of the same model and model versioning systems merge their changes to obtain a new consolidated version of the model.One of the most crucial components in such model versioning systems is responsible for detecting conflicts among concurrent changes to avoid the loss ofchanges and corrupted models. However, due to the diversity of existing conflict detection components, their relative quality in terms of functional and non-functional properties is hard to determine. To address this issue, we propose a benchmark enabling the au-tomatic evaluation of their accuracy, as well as their execution time, whereas both state-based approaches and operation-based approaches are supported alike.